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Regardless of how you feel, you are amazing. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy. And you deserve to genuinely feel that. Trust me, that’s easier said than done, but I have a little secret. When you nourish your body, it’s hell of a lot easier to feel like you are amazing, beautiful, strong, worthy, or {insert whatever you struggle with}. This is because your body is a reflection of what you do to it, how you talk to it, and what you feed it.

Personally, I struggle with the first two, but food? I LOVE. I am all about going to the hottest restaurant or making the most delicious-looking recipe on Pinterest but frankly, it’s not all good, which is why I love re-nourishing my body with raw vegan food. There’s something about eating wholesome, natural foods that restarts your body and makes you feel good from the inside {which will most definitely radiate out}.

Food is so relevant {aka rawlevant 😉 } to your overall wellbeing, that I’ve built this website to empower you to add more wholesome, nutrient-rich foods to your diet, making it that much easier to feel great.

While this website will focus on raw vegan recipes, it is not my intention to stuff an agenda down your throat or convince you that you need to be raw vegan. In fact, I’m not even raw or vegan myself, but I appreciate eating this way from time to time and I think there are not enough resources out there on how to incorporate fruits and veggies in your diet in their most natural form. So on that note, I hope you enjoy this website and find recipes that you’re excited to try for yourself!

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